Private and Gentle ways to resolve sexual issues on your own terms.......
STOP Did you know that 40% of women report having some form of sexual issue?...
How Every Woman Can Feel Confident In and Out of Bed in 21 Days or Less This works even if you hate just thinking about sex, let alone doing "it"....
From the desk of Talmadge Harper
Re: Private and gentle ways to resolve sexual issues on your own terms

Did you know that 40% of all women report having some form of sexual issue?
Are you one of these many women who is not enjoying physical intimacy with your partner in all the ways you could be and deserve to be?  Well, in addition to not experiencing the pleasure, you are also not getting the many other amazing benefits of sex:  deep and restorative sleep, stress relief, healthy skin glow, and a stronger immune system, to name a few.

Here’s the problem you face. You feel like there’s something wrong with you, like you’re sexually broken.  On top of that, you’re embarrassed to even think about sex, let alone talk about your problems with friends or, horror of horrors, ask for help from a stranger.

You avoid sex at all costs even if you’re in a loving relationship.  And when you can’t avoid sex, you tolerate it.  Your strongest desire is that the act is over as quickly as possible.  You don’t even want to glimpse yourself naked in the mirror so how can you even think about being naked with someone else.  You wonder if you’re even capable of enjoying sex.  And what about those orgasm things?  What’s all the hype?  Are they a myth?

Now IMAGINE feeling complete and confident just the way you are. Imagine a commentary of positive, empowering messages running through your mind throughout the day no matter what happens.  Imagine looking at your naked reflection in the mirror and truly appreciating your unique and beautiful self. Imagine boldly receiving and giving sexual pleasure. Imagine experiencing the healing power of blissful orgasms.  Imagine the ripple effect of your sexual healing as you enjoy amazing transformations in every aspect of your life: from stronger relationships with family and friends to increased work satisfaction and productivity; from more vitality and energy and better overall health to deeper engagement in passions and interests.

Luckily for you, there’s a path to get you there.  Let me introduce you to:

 The Harper Healing Sexual Health Hypnosis MP3 Package For Women

Special Features For Your Unique Self

  • A four-part series of hypnosis MP3 downloads so you can simply lie back, listen and heal in your own private, comfortable place which means you don’t have to compare yourself to others or worry about what anyone else thinks.
  • ​Carefully designed scripts based on over 20 years of research and practice in the field of hypnosis so you can relax and trust in your own internal healing process. This means freeing yourself from the desperate search for answers outside of yourself in places like self help books or baring your soul to strangers in useless forums.
  • ​Layered subliminal technology so you can get past that critical self talk, hear positive messages and start appreciating and loving yourself for who you are.
  • ​Unique and gentle mind-body process so you can experience the solo orgasm which gives you a satisfying sense of empowerment for the next time you are with a sexual partner.
  • ​Multi-stage “inside-out” healing method so you can address anything and everything getting in the way of you having a healthy, confident (sex) life. This means you can finally enjoy deeper, lasting, loving relationships without any baggage.
  • ​One-to-one email customer service so you can receive answers to any questions you might have, giving you peace of mind along your healing path.
I am Talmadge Harper and here’s how I’m qualified to bring you this solution.  A certified Ultra Depth Hypnotist with over 20 years of experience in the field, I have been creating and providing life-changing hypnosis downloads through my website for the last 10 years.  I am dedicated to helping people unlock their own healing power using my patented method.

Not only do I design unique hypnosis tools and coaching courses that allow people to transform their lives, I am also committed to providing the best customer service on the market.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Take a look at these testimonials:
"First of all let me say you are a genius. I can't believe it worked. I listened to the sexual healing for women 3 times. I was able to be wet during sex with my husband and feel more sensations. I had a small orgasm. After listening to the orgasm mp3 3 times I was able to achieve a magnificent powerful orgasm with my husband. I am so happy and I'm sure he is too. Thank you so much. You don't understand how much you have helped me and my marriage. I really look forward to purchasing more products. Forever grateful."
- Mary L.

"I have been dealing with financial and sexual lack issues most of my life. I experienced some sexual trauma growing up that caused me to shut down sexually and gain weight. You were the first person to suggest that money and sex are connected to one another and to give me a product that would help with both. What I have noticed is that even though I thought my sexual issues were more severe than money, I have manifested an amazing sexual experience, so money may take longer to manifest. I ordered Ultimate Orgasm to try to heal some of my issues. I completed one week of it. A week or two later, I met a guy at a party. I'm usually pretty shy but I felt an immediate attraction to him and I felt his attraction to me as well. We exchanged numbers and talked throughout the week. We went on a date and the connection was indescribable. I wasn't in my head, I wasn't worried about what I looked like, in fact, I felt incredibly sexy. We have started an intimate relationship and I had none of the usual doubts and worries I've had all my life. I got feedback from him that I am incredible in bed (something I would have never thought of)! I attribute this to the Ultimate Orgasm healing. It has really helped me clear all of the trauma and junk that I have held onto for so long! Thank you so much for this program! I'm excited for what may come from this and other opportunities!"
Thanks again!!

"Thanks so much for being so attentive to my happiness with your products. I can't believe that I can discuss sexuality issues with a person I don't know. Maybe it's the sexual healing version that I have been listening to. It has worked wonders for me, in fact my husband called you a f ing genius:) I had complete zero libido, not even to have an orgasm with myself. I called our weekly sex my "wifely duties" and actually dreaded it on the day it was supposed to happen. Now, I actually tell him I want him to come up and satisfy me:) Thank you, it really changed my whole self…."

"From what I hear the Sexual Healing mp3s are working for my client. I was keeping progress to make sure that she was actually listening to the UD relaxation mp3. She has reported that she feels comfortable, and has noticed a return for sexual desire- As well as sensitivity."
This is what you will get......
  • Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, & Self Acceptance ($50 value)
  • Advanced Sexual Healing ($50 value)
  • Ultimate O Series for Women ($100 value)
  • One on One personal email consultation for 3 months ($100 value)
  • Instant Download Access
  • 30 day iron-clad money-back guarantee
Total Value: $300
For a limited time you also get:
Ultra Depth Relaxation Program ($100 value)

So You Get......
  • Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, & Self Acceptance ($50 value)
  • Advanced Sexual Healing ($50 value)
  • Ultimate O Series for Women ($100 value)
  • One on One personal email consultation for 3 months ($100 value)
  • Instant Download Access
  • 30 day iron-clad money-back guarantee
  • Bonus: Ultra Depth Relaxation ($100 value)
Imagine suddenly having the confidence and healing to experience intimacy in all the ways that satisfy you the most.  You then look back and realize it all started when you decided that you deserved it...

 Check out the video testimonial from a happy client:  

 The Harper Healing Sexual Health Package of Powerful Hypnosis MP3s

  • Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, & Self Acceptance ($50 value) 
  • Advanced Sexual Healing ($50 value)
  • Ultimate O Series for Women ($100 value)
  • One on One personal email consultation for 3 months ($100 value)
  • ​BONUS: Ultra Depth Relaxation ($100 value)

Total value: $400

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